Leggi il Testo Wu Tang Forever Logic. “Wu Tang Forever” è una canzone di Logic feat. Jackpot Scotty Wotty, Cappadonna, Masta Killa, U-God, Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Method Man, GZA & RZA estratta dall’album “YSIV” (28 settembre 2018). Wu Tang Forever Lyrics

Testo Wu Tang Forever Logic

Jackpot Scotty Wotty, Cappadonna, Masta Killa, U-God, Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Method Man, GZA & RZA

En garde, I’ll let you try my Wu tang style I’d like to try your Wu Tang style, let’s begin, then Shaolin shadowboxing and the Wu tang sword style If what you say is true, the Shaolin and the Wu Tang could be dangerous Do you think your Wu Tang sword can defeat me?” Wu Tang! Wu Tang! Wu Tang!

Wu Tang!

Aye yo, Wu-Tang forever Who rhyme better? We too clever, the boom bap’s back, harder than ever R.I.P. O.D.B Comin’ through like Killa Bee Ever since I heard Enter the 36 in ’93 You cannot defeat my Wu-Tang style, I leave ’em all dismembered Fuck a mumble rap, that shit won’t never be remembered Not even a contender, no, pretender, best surrender My agenda is killin’ shit, they feelin’ this (Sinatra) Yeah, we live and thorough Assassinatin’ every single muthafuckin’ borough From Staten to Brooklyn to Queens, the Bronx and Harlem, all the way to Maryland Yeah, we comin’ for all of ’em Bobby Tarantino to the Digital My shit is pivotal Smokin’ chronic, no medicinal Who you know assemble the Clan like Voltron?

The one and only Logic, the God, the don, I’m gone

Aye yo, Logic, what up? We gon’ let these muthafuckas try this Wu-Tang style Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, kaboom! Guess who stepped in the room It’s Ghostface, gold plates, old truths, more K Intelligent brothers with nine hoods, movin’ snowflakes Guillotine your head, last scene in the showcase Push weight, this Colgate Tre-eights and old gates Exfoliate those we most hate We don’t associate We wear robes that you can’t even pronounce-iate We eat foods where you can’t even pronounce you ate Cribs where the floor just rises up and rotates Locations low-key, can’t even locate Twin nina sisters with the beam, we all soulmates

Tea makin’ us so much cream, we bought gold plates

Yo, mountains of haze in the crib of my blades It gets messy underneath the dresser, the gauge 57 MB, yo, metallic green Seats is piped off Seize them old tracks, unite through ’em The kitchen is my palace, get your dance on While we just levitate with trees, get your branch on I’m know to wil’ out, put the cams on Jewels down, the sets dip, my gems got grams on A specialist when I’m bakin’ Rhymes be comin’ out, we makin’ We challengin’ these chumps for lumps Here’s the statement stop hatin’ The crew is all about gettin’ this cake in

You know about me, you relatin’

The enigma, the stigmas that the RZA and the GZA Both lyrical prolific, fixtures of rap scriptures Mixtures of hipsters, weed smokers and beer drinkers Prince and the Pauper, spiritual clear-thinkers Cake in the oven, Superbad like McLovin huggin’ all four boroughs, puffin’ herb with my cousin Academically speaking, rap vocabulary’s weakenin’ I felt it comin’ like the Weeknd when these starboys start tweakin’ Sporadic pill-poppin’ of OxyContin III-gotten sexual intercourse make shorty wop feel rotten The travesty-tapestry of microphone mastery has been refuted, diluted, broken down to a catastrophe But cats still get good trophy Hit y’all with their “Okie-dokie” Burt Reynolds, Bandit, goddamnit Where the fuck is Smokey Bear when you need one I got a light-beam gun I’ll blast a hole in your chest that you can’t bleed from But you’ll die through iniquity, plus stupidity of that trickery My verse got it hot up in here, not the humidity You can never get rid of me, step back and consider me

Wu Killa Bee, but I’m not big on bigotry

Old-school on this track, I feel invincible This new school ain’t really got rules and lacks the principles Got mo’ clowns than the Motown, they puttin’ critical The gun, Smokey Robinson, you need a Miracle Go back, homie, back when rappers used to be lyrical When nine out of ten of his friends used to be criminal The stats, homie, all these killas usin’ subliminals Y’all don’t even smile in your pictures, you dudes is miserable We’re the unpredictable, torture over your physical Drop a bar, used to pour water over the cereal Another bar, reppin’ my squad, not individual But one Nation under God, that’s indivisible My time critical, hands-off from digital Me and my lady bark, back when the Planets was Digable I’m cool like that, my cash rule like that

I’m classic, Patti LaBelle, Voulez Vous like that, come on

It’s only Logic, we got ’em mobber than the mosh pit Fifth Brother, INS hotter than the tropics The hot shit I drop quick Major player, watch my stock lift Razor-blade sharpness regardless to whom or what Sound boy, turn that music up Naysayer, you ain’t even got a clue what’s up Deadly melody, the sickness, the remedy Everything circulate back around eventually We’re the unpredictable, talent all-natural Gain, Wu-Tang pumpin’ through your veins Twenty-five years, still more of the same The flow like water with the boilin’ flame INS, your highness, they callin’ my name Boy, I wet the scene similar to fallin’ rain In our own lane, y’all soundin’ all the same

Tell ’em Wu-Tang is on your brain

Survival of the fittest in cold days with no money They don’t want me with stacks, they better take it from me You know the currency gone soon as you break a twenty So I ain’t down if you ain’t talkin that band language Dear Lord, I’m tryna buy me a train with it An airplane, see me flyin’ to Spain with it But money don’t make me, and I ain’t gonna change with it I’m in the hood, lookin’ good, the way I came with it Do it for the Cs, they understood the game with it We gave birth when we understood the pain with it When we create wars, everybody is a gangbanger We killin’ each other, but we all got the same anger Never go against the grain, homie, that’s hateful Another day in the life for us to be grateful Spread love, homie, yeah, get a plateful It’s better to stay full, so let’s make moves I know your momma told you that I was a great dude These dirty-ass cops, they kill and rape you On some Jason shit, might Crystal in the Lake you

What? What? They might Crystal in the Lake you

Boom bap blast’ll blow your sleeves off Our Flashback Jacks are somethin’ to feed off Smoke and roast ya, the No.9 Potion Pull that shit, son, we open the ocean Who gives a fuck who’s snortin’ and drinkin’ and smokin’ You get killed for jokin’, everybody’s hopin’ That’s another level of emotion Food stamps niggas doin’ grocery Police wanna grope me perp walk, then nigga street-talk We bury niggas in see-saw I carry the torch where I leave off I’m givin’ bitches somethin’ to breathe on I rip off a shoulder to lean on It’s fair game, it’s two in a lane, she took two trains And none of my rhymes are two and the same Nigga get cooked on an open flame

I’ma a hillbilly, Park Hill-trained

My rhyme starts riots in the mountains Thirty-six million and countin’ The harder they come, the harder I go Loosen up my arms, can I get comfortable? Stay on my tip-toes, old-school Wu B This is a flip-phone, dude, your slips showin’ Where I come from it stays snowin’ The grammar is raw, I’m slammin’ the door Beez bang bong in your jaw I hit ’em in the head with the hammer of Thor Stars and bars, makes me a general Anything less, makes me a criminal

Gotta dig deep for these roots

G.O.D., shadowbox with the L.O.G.I.C On the count of three, Wu-Tang First, master your breathin’ I’m mental ass-whoopin’, I’m teachin’ when I’m speakin’ I’m a champion from Brooklyn I’m movin’ super-ninjas and Shaolin executioners Avenger, a righteous defender A grandmaster from the 36th Chamber Whole style is mentally strong So strengthen your arms To hold my microphone you need iron palms Remain calm, just mellow out

Big wise chief Wu-Tang poison clansman from the east, yeah

Enter a world of a universal mind of one kind A thick swarm of words that’s expressed in one rhyme Food for thought, impossible sliders with the seasoning Regardless, I speak logic, clear reasoning The uncivilized, get the mineral lines, quartz Self-directed, calculated, controlled thoughts A point-of-view of the thinkers

Monumental architecture, amazing as the Incas

(Sinatra) (Wu-Tang) W.T.C., ah-ha The faculty Ain’t nothin’ goin’ on, don’t nothin’ move

Nobody slide, you might get hurt

En garde, I’ll let you try my Wu tang style I’d like to try your Wu tang style, let’s begin, then Shaolin shadowboxing and the Wu tang sword style If what you say is true, the Shaolin and the Wu Tang could be dangerous

Do you think your Wu Tang sword can defeat me?”

Logic - "YSIV" Cover
Logic – “YSIV” Cover

Testo Wu Tang Forever Logic