Leggi il Testo Your Eyes are Bleeding Princess Nokia. “Your Eyes are Bleeding” è una canzone di Princess Nokia estratta dall’album “A Girl Cried Red” uscito il 13 Aprile 2018. Your Eyes are Bleeding Lyrics

Testo Your Eyes are Bleeding Princess Nokia

Holding on to things I had, I bottle up inside Wanna face my demons but denial makes me high Thought I had it figured out, I guess it was a lie Thought I was a grown-up but I’m really just a child Lookin’ back on things I had, I ruin everything Everything’s my fault and it’s the bad luck that I bring My idea of forever is fleetin’ in itself Everyone I love has an expiration shelf Everyone I love leaves me when I need them most My little heart is broken and the world will pay the cost Smash my heart in pieces (smash my heart in pieces) It looks so good on the floor (it looks good on the floor) Now I really hate you (you know I hate you) And I wanna hate you more (you know I hate you more) I will climb a mile for you (I would climb a mile) In fact I always did (you know I always did) You gave me a fraction of what (gave me a fraction)

I had to give (what I had to give)