Leggi il Testo Morphine Princess Nokia. “Morphine” è una canzone di Princess Nokia estratta dall’album “A Girl Cried Red” uscito il 13 Aprile 2018. Morphine Lyrics

Testo Morphine Princess Nokia

Smash my heart in pieces, it looks so good on the floor

People think it’s fun and games but my life is really lonely Ain’t nobody that can save me, ain’t nobody that console me I’m an emo little boy and I want someone to hold me Got my money like a blanket and I hold it when I’m lonely Got my blanket and my bottle, yeah, you know I like to sip Said her lips taste like morphine, asked me if I want a drip I’m in bed when I’m lonely, I’m in bed when I’m sick I’m in bed on a flight and I’m in bed on a trip You say you love me, I know you’re lyin’ You say you’re sorry, well, thanks for tryin’ Got a new life, not invited Got a date now and I’m excited Is my meant to be being where I wanna be So I turn off my phone and then I go to sleep Spent a month on the road, every night a new bed When I touch back home, could’ve sworn I was dead Only focus was important so it’s back to work Always focus on my money, people think I’m a jerk Yeah, I really, really want it, I can’t waste no time

Everybody gettin’ money, but I get mine