Nuovo video tratto dall’ottavo album di Talib Kweli “Radio Silence”. Il brano in questione è “All Of Us”, con il featuring di Jay Electronica e Yummy Bingham.

“The trust and faith that Kweli put in me to share the story of a Black Father and Son dealing with the pain and tragedy of racism and police brutality was a huge responsibility as a listener of his art and a student of Hip-Hop,”

“Our communities deal with the same problems, that stem from the same source of White Supremacy, Colonial misrule and abuse of power. I had an amazing conversation with Kweli and had the privilege to tell this story which is an amalgamation of so many stories we see unfolding in America. We must come together and fight a common oppressor, tell stories that humanize people of color amidst violence and prejudice. This one is for the countless names that belong to souls taken too soon from black families across The United States and Canada most recently leading to the unjust murder of Stephon Clark. God Bless The Dead and may we find justice in this life and the next. No Justice, No Peace.”