Leggi il Testo Piranhas Forever MC. “Piranhas” è una canzone di Forever MC & it’s different estratta dall’album “Forever M.C.“. Piranhas Lyrics

Testo Piranhas Forever MC

Hey yo Hey yo man come on man stop playin’ man Hey yo get busy nigga Don’t know what the fuck you’re doing over there man Let these niggas know how we pop off man

Word up man yo take my card my nigga

Hey yo He was a serpent, too many foul moves was made No love amongst the wicked, gotta get his head severed I caught him in Miami, I was heavily armed Blew an oz. of the blue dream, I was ready and calm Fiendin’ just to do him dirty already got the plan mapped out snatched him up and headed back to the hideout Welcome here some exercised torture This is everyday work ice cold grills with no smirks Seen em’ frontin’ with some skeezers Actin’ like he’s a boss with no rank Pussy posin’ as a leader Had a bitch with me from the island A true man-eater/diva Dark skin Geneva I sent her over told her to persuade em’

Walked him outside tossed him in the trunk and then we slide got to the house tied him up plastic on the carpets tub full of piranhas I threw him in a watched him holla

Caused hell on your receptionist A foreigners pharmacist You all in my face who wanna put a star on it Scarface big tour bus with the bar in it Jets with the escalator steps with your moms in it Electric stove she holdin’ my gold medals Hairy chest don’t mistake me for Burt Reynolds This is baller alert confetti fallin’ I’m no taller with work Spit bars that’s enlarged in the earth Keep my gun cryin’, I don’t mean clarks When I say “Yo there’s so many dyin’, Starks” 2nd to last nigga on triumph rob me I’m coming with bears no lyin’ Step outside with that Michael Aura Me and my team jumpin’ off yachts in Bora Bora Hennessy privileged Tito’s goose water

Motion picture screens crack when they record us

Same old bullshit ya’ll respect ignorance Niggas I’ll split your fuckin’ head with the quickness Sure improve intelligence back about my business As far back as I can remember it’s been gangsta Had to hustle hard make it better Kept a nickel plated .32 behind the dresser Show me where she kept it in case of any pressure Friends all fresher tired of havin’ lesser Workin’ wasn’t workin’ 40 hours overtime Pockets still hurtin’ big decision makin’ knew a few Jamaicans Brung me in showed me how to win camouflage blend watch for the shark fin Osiris of the sea cypher circling the serpent 10% selling you a dream Fiends comin’ 2 cop I won’t stop till it’s got gettin’ it

I won’t stop till it’s got gettin’ it

When I see that guppy im’a give him the business We all know he be talkin’ to the witness smell the foulness He a trader and all that he all out of his space put him in his place I can’t give up the grace I can see the devil in his face I’m in the hood comin’ down the fire escapes A lot of cats can’t see me I’m the great ape Machine gun in my hand headed down the fire escape Yo Rae if they violate give em’ set date because tomorrow I’mma be movin’ to Cali Gold teeth nigga bring back Bally’s I’m out here pumpin’ these mafuckin’ raps Yo eighty show these niggas what we do to wax Hip hop nigga don’t make me come out my starter hat Blow all these fake niggas off the face of the map then Imm’a hit syllable up call up the cartel Doin’ hot shit goin’ through hell

Police popped my homie now it’s time to rebel real niggas no matter what don’t tell ahh

Testo Piranhas Forever MC